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Training Need Analysis

In Masood Textile Mills analysis of training need is an essential requirement for designing of effective training. The purpose of training need analysis is to determine whether there is a gap between what is required for effective performance and present level of performance.

Why Training Need Analysis at MTM?

Training need analysis is conducted to determine whether resources required are available or not. It helps to plan the budget of our company, areas where training is required, and also highlights the occasions where training might not be appropriate but requires alternate action.

MTM Training Need arises at three levels:

Corporate need and training need are interdependent because the organization performance ultimately depends on the performance of its individual employee and its sub group.

Organizational Level – At this level we focus on our strategic planning, business need, and goals. It starts with the assessment of internal environment such as, procedures, structures, policies, strengths, and weaknesses and external environment such as opportunities and threats.

After doing the SWOT analysis, weaknesses are dealt with the training interventions, while strengths are further be strengthened with continued training. Threats are reduced by identifying the areas where training is required. And, opportunities are exploited by balancing it against costs. For this approach to be successful, the HR Department is involved in strategic planning. In this planning, HR develops strategies which sure that the employees in the organization have the required Knowledge, Skills, and Attributes (KSAs) based on the future KSAs requirements at each level.?

Employee Level – At this level we focus on each and every employee of MTM. At this level, we check whether an employee is performing at desired level or the performance is below expectation. If the difference between the expected performance and actual performance comes out to be positive, then certainly there is a need of training. However, Employee competence can also be linked to his need. The methods that are used to analyze the individual need are:

  • Appraisal and performance review
  • Peer appraisal
  • Subordinate appraisal
  • Customer feedback
  • Interview

Operational Level – At this level we focus on the work that is being assigned to the employees. The job analyst gathers the information on whether the job is clearly understood by an employee or not. He gathers this information through technical interview, observation, psychological test; questionnaires asking the closed ended as well as open ended questions. Today, jobs are dynamic and keep changing over the time. Employees need to prepare for these changes. The HR Department also gathers information on the tasks needs to be done plus the tasks that will be required in the future.

Based on the information collected, we do Training Need analysis (TNA).

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