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How Technology Works ???

Infrared rays have been divided into two groups, 'near infrared' and 'far infrared'. The IR waves with wavelengths 3µm to 1mm has been defined as 'far infrared rays' by JIRA. It is the reason that the IR waves with more than 3µm in wavelengths just match the molecule vibrations forming articles surrounding us and as a result of resonance, cause them to be heated.

Many materials surrounding us including our personal belongings like textiles, plastics, paints, wood, rubber, food items and also including ourselves absorb IR rays from 2.5µm to 30µm (mainly in 'far IR region'), because the vibrating frequency of molecules of the these materials matches the frequency of 'far IR' as with the above mentioned frequency range and cause to heat these things as a result of resonance heating.

The 'far IR' with wavelengths 2.5µm to 30µm are mainly generated from heated ceramics and this is the reason that 'heated ceramic heater' is widely used as heating source for our domestic use to dry and warm the things in Cold Seasons. Ceramics including metal oxides are being used as radiation material because they can effectively transfer the given energy in the infrared red.

Principle of the Invention:

Finely grounded ceramics have been applied onto the textiles, to improve its heat absorbing , heat retention and then re-radiating properties in the wavelength regions that is the much friendly to the human beings.

The below results comparison for treated and untreated under garments confirm the warmth performance.

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