Masood has invested in growing and ginning of cotton. The company would ask the growers to sow the most suitable cotton variety for knitted products. With the help of ginning process, we procure the raw cotton for the whole year. This helps us to provide the consistent quality products for our customers through out the year. If the customers want to lock the prices for a certain period, Masood can offer this service as we reserve the cotton for the particular program.

Maximum number of lots are mixed to get uniform results and avoid Barre(patta). Raw cotton is procured from best cotton growing areas. Sandwich mixing technique is used for stocking, which is a conventional method. Its contamination picking system is unique one contamination system. It is designed and made by Masood's Engineers. It claims the lowest level of contamination in yarn of Pakistani cotton.


We have a single line Toyoda OHara Hergeth Blow Room in operation. All produced Laps made are weighed and those found beyond quality controls limits at this stage are discarded. Removal of waste at subsequent beaters improves cotton cleanliness.


Carding section has 24 carding machines of Cross Roll MK-4. Best quality wire is used for cylinder, doffer, taker-in and flats. Additional stationary flats are installed to reduce IPI Level. We have a very good cleaning and suction system. Filter room is also of Cross Roll.Our technical expertise and equipment allows reducing higher percentage of fly and dropping to get good results.


Combined machinery setup of TOYODA and latest model of RIETER is at function in our premises. In addition to photocells, in-house designed and fabricated Electric Silver stop motion on Toyoda Drawings is installed. Color silver picking system on Breaker Drawings is introduced. A special team of color- silver picker work round the clock. Rieter SB-2 and RSBD30C are installed with auto leveler. Barco silver watch system is used for color contamination. Wrapping is checked round the clock.


Lap formers of Toyoda Sk-4 and eight combers of Toyoda CM-10 are in operation at Masood. Strict quality and maintenance checks are followed at Top comb and cylinder for proven quality product.


Six Toyoda Fl-16 type machines are currently in operation in Simplex sector. Special type of Flyer on machines is installed to get even quality roving.


Thirty RY-4 TOYODA Ring Frames work round the clock at ring section. SKF PK-225 drafting system is attached on these Ring frames. LUWA Air conditioning systems in Ring department maintain the required R.H and temperature in the whole ring department to maintain low hairiness in yarn. Cots, Apron and Steel rings of machinery is changed at proper time.


We installed new 21 C Process Coner. We are producing yarn having low level of contamination.It is a fully computerized system and helps to determine departmental efficiency round the clock. Yarn hairiness is controlled on 21 C Process Coner by its special balloon system.


Our packing department consist of Xorella machinery. With the help of Xorella, we get superlative conditioning of yarn in very short period of time. Enhanced conditioning of yarn increases the strength of yarn and therefore, decreases the breakage of yarn during the knitting process. This result in a product which is not only conditioned exceptionally but additionally it helps to decrease the wastage as well.

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