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Masood is a truly Vertically Integrated Textile Unit. It has In-house Yarn, Knitting, Fabric Dyeing, processing,  Apparel Manufacturing and Laundry facilities. The Company has five SBU's and a highly qualified experienced Mills Manager heads each unit. All Mills Managers in turn report to the General Manager. The objective to operate in this manner is that there is a close co-ordination and link between all the divisions. Every unit operates in the most efficient manner in-order to achieve competitive prices, timely delivery and quality products.

Spinning Apparel Processing Knitting

Masood Spinning is a well reputed and quality oriented spinning unit operating in Pakistan. Systems and spinning techniques in operation provides useful learning to textile industry specialists. We have a well maintained machinery setup starting from blow room to packing, producing count range 10Ne - 40Ne. At Masood, currently we have capacity of 14400 spindles.Spinning process involves flow of raw material through mixing, blow room, carding, drawing, combing, simplex, ring and auto cone.

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The knitting Division of Masood has latest knitting machines from Mayer & Cie, Terrot ,Orezio, Matsuya , Scommar , Fukuhara & Vanguard. These machines are capable of making Jersey, Pique, Fleece, Interlock and Rib in addition to the mini Jacquard designs of Single Knit Jersey. The gauges range from 20 to 28 for Single jersey Knit, 20 to 24 for Interlock and 14 to 18 for Rib machines. Most of the machines are equipped with lycra attachment. Moreover, it has 13 flat back machines for welt collars and cuffs. 100% production is inspected and only 'A' grade fabric is transferred to the subsequent  operations.

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The Fabric Processing Division of Masood Textiles has a capacity of dyeing 1,16,295 kgs per day. It is equipped with Thies, T.S.I, SCHOLL, Gaston dyeing machines. It is capable of dyeing both 100% cotton and blended fabric. The machine size selection gives the flexibility in dyeing a lot size ranging from 100 kgs to 1,000 kgs.

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Apparel division was established in 1995 to enter into value addition field. The company started producing underwear briefs for Jockey U.K. Now it consists of 17 independent stitching units. An M.B.A Manager is responsible for each unit from receiving of cut parts to packed garments. After the cutting of fabric, it is sent for 100% cut parts inspection.

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