Coolmax® freshFX™

Bacteriostatic effectiveness and durability of Silver-Ions.

  • dry
  • Cool
  • Comfort
  • Fresh Longer
  • smelling clean

Filament Structure

The fiber structure of Coolmax® freshFX™ have a six-channel cross-section designed to move moisture by wicking.

Therefore it can be counted as both a Coolmax qualifying yarn and a Coolmax® freshFX™ qualifying yarn.

How Does it Work?

By incorporating a silver-based additive to Coolmax, ADVANSA offers freshness too, as Coolmax® freshFX™.

For centuries, silver has been recognized for its purification qualities. Ancient Egypt and early Roman civilizations, silver was a valuable and natural source of cleanliness.


  • Non-migratory silver-based antimicrobial additive is the active ingredient in Coolmax® freshFX™.
  • Highly effective for micro-organisms like Bacteria, Fungi, Algae

Mechanism of Action

The mechanism of action involves

  • Slow release of silver ions from its inorganic cage matrix through ion-exchange.
  • The interaction of silver with microbes to disrupt their cellular factions, thereby inhibiting the growth of microbial colonies.

The silver-based additive effectively suppresses the generation of the odorous by inhibiting microbial growth on the fabric.

Medical Applications

Numerous health professionals have agreed that humidity of the skin and temperature are factor that lead to infections or irritations problems.

Coolmax® freshFX™ fabrics worn next to skin provides

  • Reduction of the humidity level between the garment and skin
  • Maintaining a good balance of micro-organisms on the surface of the skin.


  • Coolmax® freshFX™ provides an effective removal of the bad body odour caused by sweat
  • Wearer feels cool, dry, and fresh, even practicing the heaviest of exercises.
  • Normally perspiration is odourless and evaporates quickly
  • Sportswear captures perspiration and provide an ideal environment for development of micro-organisms.

Intimate Apparel

To meet the consumer demand for functionality and design

Coolmax® freshFX™ is a good response

provides well being and freshness reducing the growth of bacteria and the unpleasant smell they can cause.

Expected Degree of Wash Durability

The active ingredients are spun directly into the yarn, rather than being topically applied, and an inorganic cage matrix protects it. Therefore, it can be expected to remain effective for life of the garment even after repeated laundering.

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