Bamboo Fiber

  • Regenerated Cellulose Fiber
  • Raw Materials of Bamboo Pulp


  • Hydrolysis-Alkalization
  • Multiphase Bleaching


  • High abrasion proof capacity
  • Strong durability, Stability and tenacity
  • Round and smooth surface
  • Anti bacterial
  • Excellent wet permeability, moisture vapor transmission property

Natural anti-bacteria
  • Bamboo owns a unique anti-bacterial and Bacteriostatic bio-agent named Bamboo kun
  • Bamboo fiber has natural properties of anti bacterial, Bacteriostatic and deodorization
  • Bamboo fiber's natural anti bacteria function differs greatly from that of chemical anti microbial

Breathable and Cool
  • Bamboo gives your skin a chance to breath free
  • The cross section of bamboo fiber is filled with various micro gaps and micro holes. It has much better moisture absorption and ventilation
  • Bamboo fiber apparel can absorb and evaporate human sweat in a split second
  • It is never sticking to skin even in hot summer
  • Apparels made from bamboo fiber are 1-2 degree lower than normal apparel in hot summer
  • Apparels made from bamboo fiber is crowned as Air-conditioning dress

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